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Be the business owner: developing a tech startup idea

February 23, 2014


Developing a startup tech company

Module 2 of my Google Squared course looked at emerging technology trends as business opportunities. As part of it we were asked to develop our own business idea. Sounds easy enough, right? Although there were 8 team members and we each had three ideas, it was way more challenging than we’d first thought. Viable business […]

Out of the box: the future of connected, social television

February 19, 2014



TV is not getting worse; it’s actually getting better and better. It’s nothing to do with the quality of the quality of the programs and given that Channel 5 is still drinking the last of the blood from the Big Brother franchise, I’ll steer clear of discussing the quality if programming. What I mean is […]

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Fracking distracting

February 7, 2014



Exploiting social media as a way to mine people’s attention Inspired by these slides on Fracking Social Media by John Wilshire, I thought I’d chat about attention. As has been highlighted before, many businesses (not least my own) rely on the mechanics of the attention economy to break even. What John points out so well […]

Making shapes: how we read movement in animation

January 24, 2014


Presence 1.1 Matt Pyke

Humans can perceive an amazing level of organic, human motion from the simplest of animations. Presence 1.1 from Universal Everything. I think this is why animation is still so powerful. With relatively little movement, we can communicate actions, emotions and moments. Having spent an evening at the DANA Centre’s motion perception talk, I’ve a couple […]

Telling better stories with data

January 20, 2014


bad infographic examples

Sometimes it feels like we live in the age of the infographic. One hundred years from now, when cyber historians look back through the cloud, they will judge us by our addiction to creating colourful image and typography based layouts. I hope it’s just a phase that we’ll grow out of. But before I lay […]

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A question of tea

November 1, 2013


Twinings Fair Trade Earl Grey

I came across this email chain (as you do) and knew I had to share it. It’s such a colossal waste of time that it deserves proper attention and admiration. Best to tackle this one from the bottom.

The Secret Lives of Phones

October 27, 2013


Google Squared digital footprint

Our phones know a lot about who we are. Beyond our contacts, message history and the location data that flows from them every second, there’s another layer of meaning. I’m talking about how we organise our home screens. Part of the Google Squared course I’m doing asked me to audit my digital footprint. I put the […]


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