Birth of The AntiSofa

Posted on 12/01/2010


I keep stumbling across reasons to write a blog: strange coincidences (like the time I found someone equally obsessed with unbruised bananas), ideas that just pop into your head, and of course the narcisistic self reflection we all love to do. I also managed to put it off for a year and a half. Why start something you “don’t have time” in your busy busy day (…). And I couldn’t find a suitable title. If I’d had these same thoughts ten years ago I might have scooped one of the best usernames and addresses:

or even just a solid name like Katy Lindemann’s “Seemingly Unconnected“. It just works. The AntiSofa requires a bit more effort. First appearances would suggest it’s just a nonsensical mashup of two words. And you’d be right.  But if inspiration comes to me from seeing a weird drawing on someone’s T-shirt then so be it.

I promise, no generalisations, no theories/ philosophies/ gospels around The AntiSofa. Just straightforward blogging.

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