Posted on 21/03/2010


I made an animated gif today! Thanks to this tutorial and a bit of freeware I can make all manner of stupid stick adventures:

(Irritating isn't it...)

I’m proud to say I made it in 15 minutes, all thanks to Gimp image manipulation and the YouTube tutorial. In all honesty, it’s crap but it still seems really significant to me.

What does it remind you of? Hamster-dance? Some geek’s geocities page? Gif animation used to be a primitive way of livening up websites, but when flash appeared and internet connections grew more powerful it went out of fashion. Right now it the modern equivalent of the campfire: fun, but no one’s used it seriously since the invention of the gas oven.

10 years ago making something like this seemed impossible. Aside from not knowing how to do it, I didn’t have the software or the money to buy it. The internet was something distant, a giant web that someone else created. It was something to observe but not to touch.

(Disclaimer: if you’re not willing to read my amazement at what we’ve created then stop reading now.)

I seriously can’t believe how much things have changed. In the time it took for me to go through puberty, the world has changed several times. We have superfast internet, wireless in every urban area, films, music and television all available whenever we want.

This crappy animation kicked it all off. Thanks to freeware like GIMP and people who are willing to share their expertise (for free), anyone can learn to do anything. Freeware makes the web hugely more accessible and democratic. We have a global community, and like any group of people, it’s the one’s who contribute that build something great. Following on from my Not so bleeding edge post, it’s these digital Samaritans that really make a difference.

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