Useless inventions

Posted on 20/05/2010


15 years ago I was glued to “It’ll never work“. Along with wacky technology, this kids science show drove me mad trying to come up with the most useless inventions to win trips to Japan at the end of each series In hindsight it probably explains my urge to become an inventor at the age of 8.

That never happened and I’ve still never been to Japan. But I can probably say I’ve come close. Yo Sushi have opened up a new store behind Oxford Street. Not that that’s any way close to visiting Japan, but there’s one feature that really improved the experience.
The kind people at Yo have decided to install a (more-or-less) authentic Japanese toilet, just like the ones I saw on TV as a kid! We’re talking a toilet that:

  • lifts the lid for you as you enter
  • keeps the seat at 37oC
  • washes, massages, and dries your rear
  • perfumes and talcs, leaving you cleaner and fresher than you went in

With their 40% off voucher the place is packed every evening, and yet no one seems to made use of the facilities (and trust me- I made very good use of the toilet..). There’s next to nothing about it on Twitter so I’m thinking: a) either everyone’s too prudish to talk about this, or b) no one’s dared to use it (properly).

This has to be tried.