How do you only lose half your virginity?

Posted on 13/08/2010


You don’t.  It’s a stupid question, and that’s my point. There are some things, like your virginity, that you either have or you don’t.
(massive leap in argument..)

Like user-generated reviews! (groan, here I go) Either you give people the opportunity to voice their opinions or you don’t. By all means moderate: prevent (too much) foul language, abusive or racist comments and delete spam posts. But you can’t filter posts for “good” reviews, and make it look like an open forum. It’s irritating and off-putting.

After a lame night out at one of London’s least impressive tapas restaurants, I decided to post a fair but honest review on TasteLondon. If you look on the site you’d be forgiven for thinking that your post might actually appear on the list of customer reviews.

Instead they sent me this email:

“Many thanks for posting your feedback on, we really appreciate it as your comments help us to improve the club for the benefit of all members.

Please note: Feedback is moderated – only constructive criticism will be published, but all feedback is forwarded on to the restaurants for them to see.”

If they can’t even serve food before it’s gone cold (and trust me- I’m not normally fussy about these things), then I’m doubtful they’ll give my feedback any of their time. I’ll stop now, so for my final bit of ranting: Don’t pretend that you care, that you’re open to feedback, that you’re willing to let your customers take control UNLESS you’re actually going to. Because it’s massively frustrating.

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