Nuggets of enjoyment

Posted on 01/10/2010


Chicken Nuggets

(Thanks to Tyrexito)

Another bout of insomnia, another blog post. I was adamant that tonight (or this morning) I’d post another weighty article. I’m running low on brain power now, but fortunately I’ve a few things in reserve.

I’ve started recording those odd thoughts that come to you out of the blue. Recently I’ve had so many that my phone’s lightweight note tool can’t handle it so they’ve spilled over into my draft message inbox. Time to clear it out:

From earlier today

“Associate personnel resource office”

Isn’t that just the guy who stocks the stationary cupboard?

Again, earlier today

“In the future, when we’re old and senile, will we just follow instructions given to us by phones? Forget GPS- this will remind us when to eat and the names of all our great-grandchildren. But at least we might not forget so much stuff or get lost.”

I should give this some context. For a few years now I’ve started paying more attention to old people. In case you weren’t aware, we’re going through a demographic transition. Which means that by 2034, there will be over 3.5 million people in the UK over 85. I don’t even know someone who knows someone with a relative over 85. Anyway, the point is I’ve started considering the changes we’ll need to make and how this elderly population will live. The Did you know? video kicked all this off…

About a week ago

“You are not a gadget”

I don’t even know why this is worth recording. Let’s ignore it.


“Music festivals lack one thing only: hymn sheets.”


“Instead of teleportation, why not transport your thoughts and use surrogate bodies to do what ever you need to in that location? In fact, why not just do away with your body all together. Become a robot (or several robots!).”


“Dot to date calendar. Wall vinyl. Duck magnets. Furry Hat.”

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“Isn’t democracy like game play?by letting people play with something they’re supposed to be more engaged. We’re meant to play with politics. Nobody said we had to be skilled experts. In the name of good sportsmanship I demand that we’re all given our turn.”

I think I started wondering what the point of democracy is. How are we meant to vote for parties which we, more or less, agree with about certain political issues. Each of us know little or nothing about the issues in question so how can we decide. Then the penny dropped.


“But seriously, I can be funny.”

Ha :| . You’re killing me Anti sofa.

(date unknown)

“What is TL;DR?”

(it stands for: Too long didn’t read).

More from the Anti Sofa after he’s got some sleep.