More ‘Nuggets of Enjoyment’

Posted on 29/10/2010


After 26 months and 14 days of loyal service, my mobile phone’s died. RIP. But thankfully, this means I’m getting a new one!

Unfortunately, I’ve now got to go through the ritual of backing up photos, contacts etc. and ALSO copying out the ridiculous notes I make to myself. Plenty of half-arsed blog material there.

So I’ve compiled a second set of nuggets for you. To give you a flavour of the rubbish inside my head, these can range:

From the possibly plagiarised…

“Someone has to live. I imagine that the life of a writer’s duller than expected. What’s better: to write the life and make it famous or to live it and be anonymous?”

… to definite ripping-off

“Geography is destiny.”

… to the innovative

“Muse should make the most rock-tastic musical ever. I’d call it a “Rockopera”. The plot: Belle-Amy, our heroine, and Matthewmatthew, her fella, fight off an army of galactic grunts and defeat the solar supervillain.”

… to the weird

“This isn’t a joke. This is a chicken knitted poncho.”

[Regretsy, surely?]

… to some that don’t make any sense.

“We were talking about the music and how the radio was closing down. I said I was sad, that it wasn’t fair and she said anti sofa.”

Like any treat, these nuggets are best spread out over multiple sittings, so I promise to be back with a fresh batch soon. (Still to come: “Hollywood elevator pitches”!)