Virtually friends

Posted on 26/12/2010


PRESENT / BOX UNVEILING : A couple of weeks ago I signed up to The Great Twitter Secret Santa. I now have the pleasure of unveiling the result!

After a couple of days I was assigned a “target” (what else would you call them?) to buy for. No one in my pool of Twitter followers got involved so I was given a random. Actually this worked out a lot better- it’s about as secret as it can get and also gave me the chance to send a gift to a complete stranger. Definitely a bit more benevolent than just buying for a friend, but also a lot harder.

I really love the idea of strangers giving each other presents. It’s a really nice festive take on “play-it-forward” and starts to show the good you could do with social networks. It doesn’t have to be money related- there’s nothing stopping someone setting up a counselling or support network online where people who just need someone to talk to can be allocated a volunteer. This could be the start of something…

The only thing is that an irritating streak of perfectionism meant I spent far too long looking for the right present. Eventually I got it sorted, but I did send it off too close to Christmas day to make it on time (apologies to my secret santa for the delay!).

My “ss” is clearly much better organised and less fussy. I opened the gift today and was really pleased to find this:

Thanks to @koljakube for the gift! It gave me a real buzz to open it and I thrilled with the gift and the thought that’s gone into it.