Getting into position

Posted on 15/04/2011


Context can be everything. I’ve noticed over the past couple of days, it’s not just *what* you say and *when* you say it, but *where* you say it. Let me explain.

Channel 5 has just started screening “the walking dead”, a US TV drama/ horror series about zombies. They’ve plastered parts of the UK with big imposing billboard adverts, but at least one of these was slightly out of place:


(I think someone forgot to look round the corner…)

Then again, positions like this could be used positively. I’m not saying berievement should be used as a targeting criteria – it never should – but there are places that are closely connected to specific emotions. Assuming it’s the right emotion (and the right place) you can do something interesting.


I live just off the London marathon route in Limehouse where the route doubles back on itself. Lucozade noticed this and have put up two marathon specific billboards, cheering runners on.


Having looked over the course, this spot is roughly halfway. Runners pass this spot twice, the first time after 14 miles, the second after 21 miles. Lucozade feel their pain; and are offering their support. I don’t know about you, but after 21 miles I’d be grateful.