Making a virtue of being difficult

Posted on 01/08/2011


intricate door lock

Fiendishly complicated or deceptively simple?

Sometimes there’s no point rephrasing what someone else has already said.

I’ve been writing TheAntiSofa blog for over a year now and still it’s hard to explain my unique selling point. I’m not really a cynic, not exactly uncritical and certainly not a predictor of the future. But I think this post by Seth Godin sums up the point of the blog completely. I spend my time trying to do and explain things precisely because they ARE difficult. I pick fancy dress costumes because they are a challenge. I pick remote career options regardless of whether they’re difficult (jumping from a modern languages degree to digital marketing & advertising). Seth says it more clearly and with more gravitas, but the reason to do something is not because it is easy; it is precisely the opposite that makes it worthwhile.