Easy is awful

Posted on 23/04/2012


easy cheese

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Beverly Sills

Good things come out of difficulty. It takes at least 8 years to become fluent in a foreign language and 7 years to become an architect After all that time you’ve earnt it. Learning these skills takes time and the only way to do it is by putting in the hours.

I’m not sure we’re earning our media any more. It all seems a bit too easy. For instance, there’s no need to wait until a book comes in stock – in an instant I can download it on my kindle. It’s a wonderous thing, but don’t we lost some of the suspense? When you computer’s full of music you (pirated) purchased effortlessly online, where do you start? We lose connection with it and don’t give it the value it deserves.

This time, I’m not ranting about music or the media. It’s another favourite, Mr Internet who I’m worrying about. If taking and uploading a photo were to become almost effortless, wouldn’t the internet become a bit… shit?

Who can honestly say they’ve never taken a bad photograph or never written a post/ comment/ tweet that was a bit of a brain fart and should never have been aired? Difficulty and awkward web interfaces (computers, cameras and mobile phones) used to give us a bit more time to reconsider things while the modem booted up and our low res photo began its 30 minute upload.

Admittedly the internet was a bit pants for the first 10 years but in some ways this helped filter some of the crap.  And it also got better pretty quickly. The problem is, as it got better, it also became easier to fill it with crap. For some people, GeoCities was a disaster: why let the uninitiated public loose on the web? They might say something we don’t like or be even more popular than us! I don’t subscribe to that at all (it’s one of the best things that has ever happened), but I do wonder when the balance will tip the other way. Will it become so easy to upload and publish information, that our every thought will be cached in a Utah based data farm? Will we eventually drown in poor quality opinions on blogs like this one?

To save you from that thought, I’ll share this quote with you. It’s from Flo Heiss, a creative big wig at Dare:

“With all this data online, on mobiles and off-line, how is anyone going to find anything anymore?

… We need a filter around the old 2.0 web. A meta web that sits around the old one like an onion skin.

…I believe [information] will come to us via RSS, friends, intelligent neighbouring serendipity algorithms suggestions and conversations. ”
The Filter by Flo Heiss

Fortunately for you all, clever people and coding fiends will just build better filters to remove all the junk that’s created. Hoorah for them! 🙂