What you do every day, but better

Posted on 16/11/2012


We all suffer from ego depletion, which is a vogue way of saying that we get tired and frustrated with things. After a succession of obstacles, problems and setbacks, it’s easy to forget why we’re doing something. I don’t think losing faith matters too much, just as long as you know where to find it again.

In my case I’ve been working on difficult digital advertising projects where both time and an understanding of the medium are in short supply. Working against the flow will eventually tire anyone out and periodically I find myself wondering why I bother. Fortunately, this week I drifted over to A List Apart.

It reminded me what keeps me going: the desire to make things, and each time do them better.

OK, so digital doesn’t automatically mean better. It’s certainly not the only field with lofty aspirations and nor should it be. But I do think it’s one of the most open and collaborative environments to work in.

A List Apart carries this sentiment across design, development and many other digital arts. I love that the authors are people who have spent years of their lives crafting, and yet are still trying to improve what they do. That they’ll never tire of trying to change and upgrade their current approach. It might be their hobby, their interest or even their day job, that doesn’t matter. Each every article springs from their enthusiasm for the subject, and spreads to the reader.

It’s this sharing of expertise and passion that makes A List Apart a bit of a digital muse for me. For you it doesn’t have to be a website; it can be music, a friend/colleague, a picture, even a story. Sometimes we all feel depleted and in need a mental pick-me-up.  As long as you know where to look, you won’t ever feel depleted for long.