Finding new angles

Posted on 18/12/2012


Looking back at the conference freebies I picked up this year, Adtech 2012 was pretty underwhelming. However, strangely shaped stress-balls aside, I did find some fresh campaigns in the conference magazine:

  • 3x Singaporean organisations have launched “be disloyal” campaigns to tackle chain loyalty cards. Not sure if they reward” converting” others too but could be a nice addition.
  • Plan UK has included facial recognition in bus stop ads, displaying choices (case studies of woman across the world who face discrimination) for women, and only discrimination stats for men. Not sure how this discrepancy is communicated but it’s a nice way to tailor ads for different audiences.
  • Lufthansa alarm clock app Anywake. The app wakes you up to the sounds of different cities across the world. Guess which city and you win a discount on flights to that country. Lovely that they’ve created something fun and useful that’s outside their normal remit (flights) which people can interact with every day.

  • Rescue drive from Brazillian agency, Monumenta. Orca car dealership offers free Chevy test drives to people stuck on the road when their car breaks down. Lovely idea – they’re there the instant you might consider buying a new car and they’re making you love them for being so helpful.

Advertising has traditionally bridged product and person through building an identity around something and creating a need where there was none before. But there’s no reason it shouldn’t also create additional services, interactions or simply recognise and respond uniquely to people each time they interact.

As it’s an industry, communications agencies need to operate as such and make a profit. In order to do this, there’s an intense amount of focus on the creative and production processes. If anything, these examples are a reminder that it’s our job to make sure we find the right ways to break out of these processes and allow creativity to flourish.