Be the business owner: developing a tech startup idea

Posted on 23/02/2014


Developing a startup tech company

Module 2 of my Google Squared course looked at emerging technology trends as business opportunities. As part of it we were asked to develop our own business idea. Sounds easy enough, right?

Although there were 8 team members and we each had three ideas, it was way more challenging than we’d first thought. Viable business ideas take far longer to develop than any of us had imagined.

Here’s an approach I found useful though from a startup founder. If you can personally name at least 5 people who would but the product/service then you’re one step closer. No only could there be a viable market for the idea, but you’re also starting to understand your customer.

Being close to your customers and knowing their needs is one of the things we found hardest. Ultimately, every is a customer in some form, so if you have to start with quizzing friends and family, it’s no bad thing.

So here’s what we came up with: introducing to you global goodies. You might notice who we thought our customers would be from the persona we developed…