Clarks as a luxury brand

Posted on 22/05/2014


Lamb conduit street in Bloomsbury, London, is a mecca for menswear. Within 300 metres there are some of the best boutique fashion brands and independent retailers you’ll find in the city.

It’s stylish and expensive, so you’d expect a few surprises of the fashion kind. Like the time I found a whole coffee-table-fashion-bible devoted to Clarks shoes.


Clarks in Jamaica…

Clarks, it seems, is big in Jamaica. The whole volume was filled with arty shots of Jamaican music stars, rocking tasteful brogues and desert boots.

This wasn’t a rip off; the logo and the shoes were identical. But the image the brand presented was completely foreign. In Jamaica, Clarks’ stands not just for quality, but also luxury and Britishness. Well away from the kids and OAP image it has over here. Just goes to show a brand’s more than just a logo; that the same product can be shaped and nurtured producing wildly different results.

Nathan Clark of Clarks shoes

…Clarks in the UK.

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