Making learning unstoppable

Posted on 20/09/2015



Over the past two days, I’ve taken in a shed load of information.

It started with two web analytics training courses, then a day long unconference (Measurecamp, if you’re interested) and finished with a 2 hour walk/podcast fest. (I admit that last bit was totally unnecessary.)

Now that my mind’s sifting through the mass of new facts, connection and concepts, I’ve realised something: it might all have been a waste of time.

On the way home I worked my way through another NPR podcast. Unstoppable Learning is like other TED radio hour podcasts that blend multiple TED talks around a particular theme and serve them up like baby food. But unlike many of them it explores learning, one of the founding principles behind TED.

Strangely, it taught me the inverse. There is far more to be gained by enabling learning: personally, morally and as a society. It’s what parents, school systems, companies, even governments should focus on. Probably above everything else.

Learning in other people is what drives change. It’s what makes companies successful. Locked up in individuals, it doesn’t make that much difference. Which, in turn, made me feel a bit guilty for bingeing over the past few days.

So that’s my new focus. No more information or experience hoarding. Finding ways to enable similar learning in other people, so that bigger, more positive things can happen.