Journalists on the future (or demise?) of news media

Posted on 19/01/2016



Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired

Happy prediction season! One of my favourite times of year and, if you’re familiar with Kevin Kelly’s Futurist’s Dilemma, especially hard to take seriously:

“Any believable prediction will be wrong.

Any correct prediction will be unbelievable.”

Predictions usually are wrong, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. They tell us a lot about the zeitgeist and what people are preoccupied with. And in turn, they do affect people’s behaviour, just not in the direction you’d think.

I like predictions, so at the start of 2016 here are some fantastic ones about the direction (news) media is going in. And who better to describe this future than the professionals whose world is being rewritten through democratisation, disintermediation, and automation.

Starting with a Reuter’s report on digital media in 2016. There’s nothing revolutionary in here, but it does cover all the bases.

If you want to go deeper into the unbelievable, then try The Nieman Journalism Lab’s media predictions for 2016.

There’s a whole lot of good thinking – too much to get through, so my suggestion is the random button at the top, or try these three for size: 

As usual, your thoughts and feedback welcome.