Riding the crest of newness: staying on top of social media

Posted on 26/01/2016


Drummond Puddle watch

What a wonderful age we live in, where you can livestream the contents of your fridge, ask live questions to a baby with a moustache, or watch a puddle. Live!

2015 saw the births of Periscope and Meercat live streaming apps. And 300 days after launch Periscope has notched up over 10 million downloads on Android alone. Which is ridiculous(ly fast). So how do you stay afloat with wave after wave of new technologies?

I find the Salt PR Digital blog helps. They’re like a PR digest of Mashable, surfacing changes and opportunities for PR teams on social platforms.

Three highlights from their recent coverage:

  1. How Facebook is taking its Messenger app way beyond messaging
  2. The new social network: Peach
  3. Using Tinder to find a different kind of match: organ donors

And worth noting  that marketing via social is a top priority for UK marketers.