Uber + GPs + healthcare on demand

Posted on 28/01/2016


The future of healthcare: prevent not treat
A few months back my colleague Duncan Arbour and I had a head to head debate on the future of healthcare. Our thought starter / provocative idea was as follows:
  • Technology and demographic forces have transported us to a crossroads.
  • We imagined two alternative realities: one in which medical advances and mobile technology keep chronic diseases at bay; the other in which only a wealthy elite have ready access to healthcare, while the majority live under enforced wellbeing sanctions
These are totally exaggerated, made up futures; but we do have a lot of important decisions to make in the coming years about what sort of health services we want and can afford.
Well the debate goes on, and Kevin MD (the US based HCP blog network) is arguing both sides:
But what really got my attention this week were the mobile ads I saw for GPDQ (“A doctor; delivered quick”): the UK’s first on-demand app that delivers a doctor to your door. Watch this space…