This week’s sources: on screens and society

Posted on 08/02/2016


We’re so busy “doing” that we often don’t think about why or what it means.

It’s this contemplation gap makes digital anthropology so important and so fascinating. Digital connection is deeply interwoven into everyday life and unless we work to understand it, we can’t properly grasp the relationships between people, culture and technology. The forces that drive the world today.

This week I’ve put together my pick of digital anthropology sources and blog posts (ranging from accessible to academic):

  1. has the some of the most accessible writers. Danah Boyd writes brilliantly on technology usage patterns
  2. Illustrated review – thoughtful essays of an anthropological nature
  3. UCL digital anthropology masters has been running a study across 9 worldwide sites into how the world is changing social media. The lecturers also have some brilliant perspectives on social media usage (UCL’s Daniel Miller on how the nature of photography has changed)
  4. Culture digitally – “the habitus of the new” (when new becomes normal)

And if you only read one thing, make it “Fear of screens” by Nathan Jurgenson. Time to reconsider what “in real life” (IRL) really means…