PR Hacks: shorting and rewiring how we manage reputation

Posted on 22/02/2016


PR public relations hacks geek

(Not to be confused with Hack PR, the Puerto Rican national hackathon).

It seems like everything that can be, is being hacked. This isn’t hacking the Lulzsec / anonymous style, gaining unauthorised access to computers. It’s hacking to create quick and clever solutions to the challenges we face every day.

Want to capture and download all Google news stories related to your brand? There’s a hack for that. Want to build a media contact list? There’s a hack for that too (outsource to Amazon’s mechanical Turk and have the list built at $0.03 per email.)

This week’s sources are all ways to save time and sharpen your workflow:

Hack lists and training


  • Video creation tools. Video’s a powerful way to share messages, but all too often we associate it with blockbuster style budgets, and high end effects.

That’s not the case any more; anyone can make great videos with a bit of practice, a few free tools and a good story. Next time you’re making yet another client proposal in PowerPoint, why not present as a video? There are plenty of free and easy to use tools available.

  • Licence free photography for use anywhere: via Pexels.

The majority of these are digital tools; but hacks aren’t digital by default. The wedge of paper under the desk to stop it from wobbling is still a hack. Hacks are solutions and shortcuts – and they can come from anyone and anywhere.