The future of… work

Posted on 24/03/2016


Eighty percent of the jobs we will be doing in the future don’t exist yet.”

A popular factoid from Mark Lautmann, but also surprisingly true. There weren’t data scientists, or social media gurus in Richard Scarry books when I was growing up (although someone has started to change that… Welcome to Business Town blog)


It’s not just the work that is changing, but how we go about it. We’ve thousands more information sharing channels than before. And since it’s easier to communicate, we do it several factors more: in 2014, the US postal service only mailed 140 billion letters in a year. We now send approximately 100 billion emails every day.

This is causing its own problems: information overload, lost communications, and more hours working, wherever we happen to be. There are however, solutions:

Whether you rely on software or good old fashioned self discipline to get through the day, there’s a bigger revolution going on. We’re seeing companies reinvent themselves, how they operate, and even what it means to have a job:

Finally, the makeup of the workforce is shifting from boomer generation to Millennials:

“Millennials expected to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, the way companies communicate internally needs to change.” 

We know how Millennials manage their health, so check out the Institute of PR study into shifts in how teams communicate internally.

Just when you thought the world of work couldn’t get any more complicated…

But there’s a lot of good in these ideas and approaches. Ultimately, it’s for us to decide what the future of work will really look like.