Ideas start at home: inspiration from colleagues

Posted on 22/04/2016


GSW 2016 digital consumer trends
It’s all to easy to assume that innovation comes from outside. We usually associate originality and disruption with companies like Apple, Uber and AirBnB.

But there’s something to be said for the ideas that we develop ourselves and with others in our agency network. Here are three sources of inspiration that are slightly closer to home:

GSW 2016 Trends

Cannot speak highly enough of these. Formed from the hive-mind of our US and EU teams, and covering healthcare, digital, consumer and communications, these four trends reports arguably the best trend reports I’ve read in and outside of healthcare comms.

Brilliantly written by Leigh Householder and her team, each one highlights 8 changes in behaviour and expectations – and can be readily applied to client problems and therapy areas. For example:

Data beats demographics
In a world where:

  • only 31% of searches for video games were from men aged 18-34
  • 40% of baby product purchases were from households without children

demographics can only get you so far. If you’re still relying on demographic targeting to identify your audience it’s probably time for a rethink.

Context media
Amount of content we generate continues to rise. However, the time we have available to consume it doesn’t. So how do you make sure your information is found? Plan, write and design your content for use in specific moments. of audience need and respond to emerging trends.

Kit economy
With step-by-step guides, prepackaged toolkits, and curated collections, consumers are finding they can be brilliant at just about anything. Companies like Theranos, MyMedchecks and 23andme are also packaging diagnostics and testing, making self management easier. So how can we find ways to help patients/carers manage diseases and medication?

Special access
Companies are increasingly rewarding their best customers. Why shouldn’t we do the same with our best partners, journalists and influencers?

If you read just one thing, take a look at these and spark a few new ideas..

Vital Signs blog

Weekly updates covering the latest happenings in healthcareindustry trends, and tips (such as the art of the email subject line).


In particular The New Partnership Paradigm. This report is the result of 43 interviews with patient groups to understand:

  • what they seek from pharma partners
  • how they see their role in a shifting healthcare landscape

Essential reading if you’re currently /planning to work with a patient association.