Health journalism at its finest

Posted on 20/05/2016



Let’s face it – industry publications can sometimes make for dreary reading. It’s either time-pressured journalists replaying a press release or smug industry professionals dishing out tired marketing messages.

But there’s a lot of great journalism around health, medicine and biotechnology. Here are a few of my favourites:

Kevin MD

Doctors writing for doctors. Minimal editorial agenda, and transparency about industry connections.

Fierce Pharma

Pharma journalism with an MBA mindset. Broad coverage across the industry, and a constant focus on the commercial reality. One of the few groups not to have swallowed the “patient centricity” pill.


Longform, intelligent journalism on the “frontiers of health”.
A few of my favourites:

They’re also creating some fantastic video journalism, and their Signal Podcast comes highly recommended.

Got any suggestions? I’d love to hear them – so share below!