Keep your friends close… And an eye on the competition

Posted on 14/06/2016


  Ideas can come from anywhere – even your competition.

Compared with a few years ago, the work and thinking being done by other Healthcare agencies has improved dramatically. It’s a good thing – the sign of an industry that continues to grow year on year. Here’s my pick of the best (competitor) agencies to follow, and some of their best thinking:

Pegasus PR

As you might expect from a comms team, much of what Pegasus write about is content and coverage. And they do so brilliantly. Try:

McKinsey consulting: Pharma 3D

You’re obviously all familiar with the “Beyond the Storm” whitepaper I shared with you earlier this year (..?) Even if you’re not, I’d recommend a look at Mckinsey’s latest: Pharma 3D.

This website/eBook uses the model of the patient CareFlow to reassess the role companies and healthcare practitioners should play to support positive patient outcomes. Download / read here.

Klick Health advertising: Daily Klick Wire

Klick have been involved with McKinsey’s report (producing this handy TL;DR on understanding patients through CareFlow), but it’s their Daily Klick Wire makes them worthy of a mention.

They churn short, smart articles every week – a good companion to GSW’s Health Experience project.

Havas Lynx: another perspective on millennials and health

Millennials will soon be both the decision maker and hold the most spending power (hence relentless headlines about this group). The Havas report on rise of millennials receiving and providing healthcare is an interesting read, especially alongside inVentiv Health’s own Millennial Mindset: The Collaborative Physician.

Also worth a look: they also did a great write up of SXSW interactive festival this year – still relevant and interesting months after.

Feel free to share anything smart you’ve come across recently in the comments below.