Life’s better with a bit of discomfort – it pushes you to try new things, take risks and do rather than simply exist. And why sit when there’s so much out there to do?

What’s this blog about?
I wonder that myself sometimes. Ideas and thinking – not always complete – the interface and interaction of people with technology. Or put another way: what we can do with tech to make life better.

Who is TheAntisofa?

IRL (as if there were such a thing), my name’s Ed Hammerton. I’m passionate about the Internet, democracy and all the wonderful things people can achive with the helpof technology. As a result / despite this, I work in the communications industry, with a focus on healthcare.

Why the corny name?

Philisophy aside, I created this moniker back in 2009 when Facebook was still young. It was a gesture towards an Internet free of personal identities. Or at least an Internet where you could shape one from scratch of your own creation Despite the cheesiness, I’ve stuck by it.

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