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On death and design

May 13, 2017


If you’re under 60, reasonably healthy and unencumbered by mental illness you probably don’t think about death much. But it’s inevitable and one of the few things you only get to experience once. That experience matters. How we expire and what we decide before then is important not only to the dying but to the […]

Design thinking & thinking on design

August 23, 2016


“It’s not enough to be customer focused first, and think about all the hard stuff later.” – Tim Malbron We all love a good brainstorm. Putting the customer at the center and building a giant sandcastle of ideas around them. This kind of thinking can liberate us to imagine new possibilities. But once the flip chart […]

Four oh four > FT Labs and their 404 split test

September 27, 2015


Split testing humour and utility across 404 pages The clever chaps and dames at the FT have been split testing 404 pages. Not for any direct commercial gain but for the hell if it. But also for the brand. Because, as Craig Sullivan puts it, “web copy is the lens through which people experience the […]

Scaling like Spotify: what advertising agencies can learn from software-as-a-service organisations

June 9, 2015


January always starts with good intentions. After the Christmas break, my team held an away day to catch up with each other and define our year. Part of the day involved sharing two new ideas. The slides below were one of mine: based on a great overview of how Spotify are using agile and structuring […]

Symbiotic thinking: identifying unconventional opportunities

February 26, 2015


After hearing about the Longbox and the “Rock the vote” campaign in the 90s, the idea of random partnerships seemed worth exploring. Here’s where I got to. Doing anything is effort. Creating, or building, or growing; it all takes time and energy. And everyone, from individuals to businesses, wants more rewards for less effort. This can […]

Symbiotic communications: learning from the longbox

February 9, 2015


How a smart idea and excess packaging shifted american politics in favour of the disenfranchised. The 99% Invisible podcast explains the story better than i ever could. I’m too young to remember the longbox packaged CD, let alone have bought one so for me it’s fascinating. What I find so amazing is the reuse of […]

Making shapes: how we read movement in animation

January 24, 2014


Humans can perceive an amazing level of organic, human motion from the simplest of animations. Presence 1.1 from Universal Everything. I think this is why animation is still so powerful. With relatively little movement, we can communicate actions, emotions and moments. Having spent an evening at the DANA Centre’s motion perception talk, I’ve a couple […]