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After Facebook, where next

April 27, 2018


“I think it is specifically that a sufficient number of people are waking up to the awfulness of Facebook and looking around for alternatives.” Runesoup Privacy and personal information are pretty abstract concepts. It takes something real and dramatic (like the election of Trump) or a scandal (like Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of user data) and, […]

PR Hacks: shorting and rewiring how we manage reputation

February 22, 2016


(Not to be confused with Hack PR, the Puerto Rican national hackathon). It seems like everything that can be, is being hacked. This isn’t hacking the Lulzsec / anonymous style, gaining unauthorised access to computers. It’s hacking to create quick and clever solutions to the challenges we face every day. Want to capture and download […]

Riding the crest of newness: staying on top of social media

January 26, 2016


What a wonderful age we live in, where you can livestream the contents of your fridge, ask live questions to a baby with a moustache, or watch a puddle. Live! 2015 saw the births of Periscope and Meercat live streaming apps. And 300 days after launch Periscope has notched up over 10 million downloads on […]

Access, ownership and adoption

May 14, 2014


Change happens both quicker and slower than we imagine. Once upon a time (nine years ago) there was this big new thing everyone was talking about. They said it would change the world. Today we barely question it; it’s just another part of our lives. So it did change the world after all. Right? No […]

Fracking distracting

February 7, 2014


Exploiting social media as a way to mine people’s attention Inspired by these slides on Fracking Social Media by John Wilshire, I thought I’d chat about attention. As has been highlighted before, many businesses (not least my own) rely on the mechanics of the attention economy to break even. What John points out so well […]

Blogging, authenticity and self promotion

April 23, 2013


A few home truths about social media As you can tell, I don’t get paid to write this. I’d either make no money or quickly get myself fired through lack of serious proof-reading. However, like most amateur bloggers I’ve wondered what it would be like (to be paid; not to be fired). Like football fans […]

Something to share? Ways to approach “sociable” content

April 3, 2013


Whether you’re an artist, marketer, musician or scientist, if you want to raise your profile you can do it by sharing online. This happens in one of three ways: you share it yourself, you pay someone to do it, or people willingly do this for you. The third option is by far the most sought-after […]