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Virtual reality and the applied science of distraction

October 28, 2016


VR might be emerging from the “trough of disillusionment” to treat pain and anxiety in a clinical setting It’s not every day you see someone wearing a VR headset in a hospital. But that could be about to change. A Swedish pharmacy chain is piloting VR headsets and their own “Happy place” app to relax […]

Mapping the future

October 21, 2016


If you breathe deep enough you might just get a waft of the coming season: not autumn, winter, or Christmas… Trends season! Specifically, the 2017 marketing and technology trends season. (No need to hide your enthusiasm…) With the future fast approaching, it’s already on people’s minds: The 99 Percent Invisible podcast covered how two trends networks, […]

Deep shift – 7 ways the world (and healthcare) is changing

June 30, 2016


In the current climate, it’s hard enough to know what will happen tomorrow, let alone in 10 years time. But by looking at clues – patterns, innovations, and turning points – can help us separate what’s probable from what’s possible. This is exactly what the World Economic Forum has done with their “Deep shift. 21 […]

Bots, virtual assistants and AI – welcome to the conversational age

April 29, 2016


Don’t ignore the hype. Chatbots might be at a high point in the hype cycle, but they mean business. So what exactly is a bot? A bot is simply software that can complete small tasks for people. Like schedule meetings. Or answer questions. Or order you a taco. In the same way that Google is […]

A shared reality: when VR becomes more than virtual

April 25, 2016


It’s said there are two kinds of people: those that believe VR and AR will change the future; and those that haven’t had the demo yet. I had another VR demo recently, trying out the Oculus Devkit 2 and the Samsung Gear (for the first time). Firstly, I loved virtual Streetview on the Gear – […]

The future of… work

March 24, 2016


“Eighty percent of the jobs we will be doing in the future don’t exist yet.” A popular factoid from Mark Lautmann, but also surprisingly true. There weren’t data scientists, or social media gurus in Richard Scarry books when I was growing up (although someone has started to change that… Welcome to Business Town blog) It’s […]

PR Hacks: shorting and rewiring how we manage reputation

February 22, 2016


(Not to be confused with Hack PR, the Puerto Rican national hackathon). It seems like everything that can be, is being hacked. This isn’t hacking the Lulzsec / anonymous style, gaining unauthorised access to computers. It’s hacking to create quick and clever solutions to the challenges we face every day. Want to capture and download […]