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What to do about the Internet of Things?

February 17, 2016


Yesterday I attended the Tuttle Club’s What are we going to do about the Internet of Things. This was the first real open space event I’ve attended (more on that in the future), and it was fantastic! The richness of discussion among people who are passionate about a topic was phenomenal – I’m already thinking of places and […]

Freedom and the Internet

February 12, 2015


Better late than never? Some scribbles on civil liberties and technology from 2014… Yet another year another – in 2014, the Internet hit 25 (depending on exactly the year its various inventors lay claim…). But instead of reaching full independence like any adult would, has the Internet become more controlled than ever? The past few years have continually challenged the […]

Who designed the Internet? Pretty much all of us

September 24, 2013


(I liked this article in Culture Digitally about the origins of the web, SO MUCH, i decided to paraphrase it down from 600 words so that more people might enjoy it) Nothing can polarize opinion quite like ownership. The humble sandwich has been claimed by pretty much everybody, football by the British, Italians, Chinese and many […]

Freedom and the Internet

December 29, 2011


Another 12 months, and another year older. But instead of gaining its independence, is the internet now more controlled than ever? The past 18 months have challenged the Net’s independence. We’ve had the Afghan war logs, Embassy-gate and the pursuit of Julian Assange. In response, hackers attacked companies that had refused to host the Wikileaks […]

Start Up Britain and the Crowd-sourcing argument

April 12, 2011


Read the background to this (below) or get stuck into the argument: Background America is famous for its entrepreneurial society and this (as well as sheer size) has helped the US foster some of the world’s largest companies. With the hope of resurrecting the UK economy, David Cameron’s conservative government are trying to foster that […]

More ‘Nuggets of Enjoyment’

October 29, 2010


After 26 months and 14 days of loyal service, my mobile phone’s died. RIP. But thankfully, this means I’m getting a new one! Unfortunately, I’ve now got to go through the ritual of backing up photos, contacts etc. and ALSO copying out the ridiculous notes I make to myself. Plenty of half-arsed blog material there. […]

New politics?

May 20, 2010


With a well hung parliament, I’m feeling a lot more optimistic about politics and our power to change things. It’s not like I’ve become a political activist overnight, but considering how little attention I’ve paid over the  past 4 years, things are definitely looking up.