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Olympic legacies: human behaviour and what we can learn from mass spectacles

September 24, 2012


My sofa is slowly returning to it’s original shape after an intense 6 weeks of televised sports. Already, this week feels dead (from a sporting perspective). How am I going to manage without a constant supply of victories or festivals? I’ve no idea what London 2012 will ultimately bring to the city or the UK […]

A guide to London pavement ettiquette

August 9, 2012


They’re here. The event that athletes have been dreaming of, and Londoners moaning about has finally started, and with it have come tens of thousands of visitors to our fair city. London is a pretty tolerant place, but everyone and everywhere has a breaking point. It just so happens that ours (or maybe just mine) […]

Let the games begin!

July 20, 2012


Greece might be the birthplace of the games, but no city embodies the Olympic spirit more than London. Winning the Olympics must have been a doddle for London (er, didn’t the whole bid cost USD $25.5 MillionĀ and take several years…?) because this great city is overflowing with Olympic qualities: fairness abounds (we are passionate about […]