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How to make a GIF (and other essential skills)

January 28, 2017


As we get used to the new normal (i.e. computing and Internet services everywhere) we need to rethink the skills that are important. For educators there’s a renewed focus on teaching STEM subjects, and a new computing syllabus that starts at age 5 (aside: great idea, but only if primary school teachers are computer literate […]

A shared reality: when VR becomes more than virtual

April 25, 2016


It’s said there are two kinds of people: those that believe VR and AR will change the future; and those that haven’t had the demo yet. I had another VR demo recently, trying out the Oculus Devkit 2 and the Samsung Gear (for the first time). Firstly, I loved virtual Streetview on the Gear – […]

Ideas to play with

April 12, 2016


   I’ve been thinking recently about brands and brand ideas (as you do). It started with reading the essays from the IPA’s Excellence Diploma: approx. 7000 words on the topic of “I believe advertising is/should…”. They’re both well reasoned, and passionately argued explorations of how to better shape commercial identities. (Worth a look at the […]

Living in an age of constant change: five links about adaptation

February 26, 2016


If there’s one skill we all need to master, it’s adapting to change. Whether you believe we’re in the midst of an industrial revolution, a shift in long-term weather patterns or even in population structure, it won’t have escaped your notice that change is afoot. If the last five years are anything to go by, […]

7 Ideas for running better workshops

October 25, 2015


Somehow, the end of the year is always saturated with workshops. I’ve been running a few of late, and between the ones that went well (and the sessions that could have been better), I’ve noticed a few patterns. 1. Setting your workshop aims Good workshops do things you couldn’t possibly achieve any other way. Very […]

Making learning unstoppable

September 20, 2015


Over the past two days, I’ve taken in a shed load of information. It started with two web analytics training courses, then a day long unconference (Measurecamp, if you’re interested) and finished with a 2 hour walk/podcast fest. (I admit that last bit was totally unnecessary.) Now that my mind’s sifting through the mass of […]

How do you teach digital media?

February 17, 2015


Let’s give this some context. I’ve been asked by friends and acquaintances a few times how to become an expert in digital. And every time I question 1) if it’s possible to teach this and 2) if I’m the right person to be giving them advice. Tackling 2) first, some of it comes down to […]