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Cannes Creativity Festival by the numbers: what’s hot in 2017

June 17, 2017


You can probably chart the rise and fall of different creative schools of thought through Cannes events. So that’s what I’ve tried to do – digesting the Cannes schedule to get an impression of what’s getting everyone excited and what’s losing its shine. Key topics: Being creative It’s Cannes so we’re all about the creativity […]

How to deal with a crisis (at home, at work, in life)

May 17, 2017


Not everyone has deep experience of managing ‘crisis’. And not everyone works in PR. But this list of tips from a16z’s Crisis Communications podcast seems broader than just that – there are lessons here for any crisis you might face at your company, in your career or even at home. So here are my crib […]

How the hare wins: brand strategy for a fast paced world

October 15, 2016


An IPA essay, challenging the doctrines of advertising. Every so often, you encounter an idea or an argument that profoundly changes the way you think. He’s my TL;DR summary of Charlie Ebdy’s “The Hare and The Tortoise“, an essay that inverts established doctrines in advertising, and shows how the things we think of as “brands” […]

“Startups are dead” and the legacy of startup culture

March 10, 2016


In startups, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. There’s one thing you can be sure of in the twenty-first century: that everything will be prematurely declared as dead. Twitter has had this for the past year, Facebook before that, and now the other darling of this information technology age – the startup. The reasons for […]

Living in an age of constant change: five links about adaptation

February 26, 2016


If there’s one skill we all need to master, it’s adapting to change. Whether you believe we’re in the midst of an industrial revolution, a shift in long-term weather patterns or even in population structure, it won’t have escaped your notice that change is afoot. If the last five years are anything to go by, […]

Learning (not being taught) in 2016

January 15, 2016


   One of my New Years (work) resolutions is to share more. With that, I’ve committed to a few things: sharing successes more widely, passing on feedback more often (good and bad), and finally to share expertise. But of the three it’s the last one that I have the most trouble with. Not that I’m […]

Scaling like Spotify: what advertising agencies can learn from software-as-a-service organisations

June 9, 2015


January always starts with good intentions. After the Christmas break, my team held an away day to catch up with each other and define our year. Part of the day involved sharing two new ideas. The slides below were one of mine: based on a great overview of how Spotify are using agile and structuring […]