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Preference vs desire: how do you predict what people want (to read)?

September 24, 2015


If holidays are an exercise in escapism, then reading for pleasure while away is doubly so. It’s an extreme attempt to distance ourselves from everyday┬álife: flying to an exciting destination just to escape all over again through a good book. Irony aside, holidays are when a lot of people buy (and probably also read) books. […]

Getting noticed on paper: print content marketing

January 23, 2013


Fashion and travel brands are showing off and standing out with their print wares. It was no surprise to hear that Timeout magazine in London was now being given out for free. Timeout might be the prince of listings for many people, but with a free website & Android app, no one was ever going […]

A guide to London pavement ettiquette

August 9, 2012


They’re here. The event that athletes have been dreaming of, and Londoners moaning about has finally started, and with it have come tens of thousands of visitors to our fair city. London is a pretty tolerant place, but everyone and everywhere has a breaking point. It just so happens that ours (or maybe just mine) […]

Geek Holiday

June 28, 2012


“Abroad” means zip all these days. Half the people I work with are in a different city or a different country, and they get to travel frequently. Why would being in a different country mean you can’t do any work? If you think it’s getting harder to break away from your job (and it is), […]