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How the hare wins: brand strategy for a fast paced world

October 15, 2016


An IPA essay, challenging the doctrines of advertising. Every so often, you encounter an idea or an argument that profoundly changes the way you think. He’s my TL;DR summary of Charlie Ebdy’s “The Hare and The Tortoise“, an essay that inverts established doctrines in advertising, and shows how the things we think of as “brands” […]

Ideas to play with

April 12, 2016


   I’ve been thinking recently about brands and brand ideas (as you do). It started with reading the essays from the IPA’s Excellence Diploma: approx. 7000 words on the topic of “I believe advertising is/should…”. They’re both well reasoned, and passionately argued explorations of how to better shape commercial identities. (Worth a look at the […]

Four oh four > FT Labs and their 404 split test

September 27, 2015


Split testing humour and utility across 404 pages The clever chaps and dames at the FT have been split testing 404 pages. Not for any direct commercial gain but for the hell if it. But also for the brand. Because, as Craig Sullivan puts it, “web copy is the lens through which people experience the […]


September 21, 2012


Fragment of an idea: I was at a talk called New brands on the block: Insight from emerging markets” from Professor Amitava Chattopadhyay. The way he talked, it seemed almost easier to succeed as a nimble challenger brand than as a cumbersome multinational company. You can adapt, cut costs and specialise more easily than a large organisation, […]

Shout it

December 10, 2011


It appears that VW have just bought Oxford Circus. The entire eastbound Central Line platform has been turned into a hand drawn history of the automobile, with 13 or so billboards and several animated projections. Looks like someone is trying to make an impact. Which is lovely, but I’m not convinced this works as a […]