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Cannes Creativity Festival by the numbers: what’s hot in 2017

June 17, 2017


You can probably chart the rise and fall of different creative schools of thought through Cannes events. So that’s what I’ve tried to do – digesting the Cannes schedule to get an impression of what’s getting everyone excited and what’s losing its shine. Key topics: Being creative It’s Cannes so we’re all about the creativity […]

Data-data-data: why and how to use data

August 25, 2016


Data are generated everywhere, and about everything. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated per day, we create data like our cells create carbon dioxide – relentlessly. While most of these data are created and used by machines, people need to understand and use it too. We’re getting to a stage where¬†data skills are going […]

Telling better stories with data

January 20, 2014


Sometimes it feels like we live in the age of the infographic. One hundred years from now, when cyber historians look back through the cloud, they will judge us by our addiction to creating colourful image and typography based layouts. I hope it’s just a phase that we’ll grow out of. But before I lay […]

Addendum to lost in a crowd.

December 8, 2011


The advantage of being lost in a crowd is anonymity. My last post explored the level of privacy that we’ve lost over the past 20 years, and how (for good or bad) we can no longer hide within a crowd. Companies and governments are recording more information about us, and a lot of us aren’t […]

3G breadbaskets and intelligent flooring: how the internet permeates everything

November 17, 2011


In the not too distant future, everything will be on the internet and the internet will be on everything. Films and tv shows already have a home online. I’m not just talking about Netflix or Google TV, but also IMDB, which contains an assortment of random facts, profiles of people involved and histories relating to […]