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On death and design

May 13, 2017


If you’re under 60, reasonably healthy and unencumbered by mental illness you probably don’t think about death much. But it’s inevitable and one of the few things you only get to experience once. That experience matters. How we expire and what we decide before then is important not only to the dying but to the […]

Design thinking & thinking on design

August 23, 2016


“It’s not enough to be customer focused first, and think about all the hard stuff later.”¬†– Tim Malbron We all love a good brainstorm. Putting the customer at the center and building a giant sandcastle of ideas around them. This kind of thinking can liberate us to imagine new possibilities. But once the flip chart […]

Telling better stories with data

January 20, 2014


Sometimes it feels like we live in the age of the infographic. One hundred years from now, when cyber historians look back through the cloud, they will judge us by our addiction to creating colourful image and typography based layouts. I hope it’s just a phase that we’ll grow out of. But before I lay […]

Minimalist Nativity

December 24, 2012


At this time of year, everyone’s finding something topical to say. ComScore have been totting up our online Christmas spending, eConsultancy have been looking at “The ghost of social networks past”, The Society Pages have been analysing Mariah Carey’s music videos¬†and agencies have been creating digital treats to show of their creativity (check out our […]