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How to make a GIF (and other essential skills)

January 28, 2017


As we get used to the new normal (i.e. computing and Internet services everywhere) we need to rethink the skills that are important. For educators there’s a renewed focus on teaching STEM subjects, and a new computing syllabus that starts at age 5 (aside: great idea, but only if primary school teachers are computer literate […]

Health journalism at its finest

May 20, 2016


Let’s face it – industry publications can sometimes make for dreary reading. It’s either time-pressured journalists replaying a press release or smug industry professionals dishing out tired marketing messages. But there’s a lot of great journalism around health, medicine and biotechnology. Here are a few of my favourites: Kevin MD Doctors writing for doctors. Minimal […]

Journalists on the future (or demise?) of news media

January 19, 2016


   Happy prediction season! One of my favourite times of year and, if you’re familiar with Kevin Kelly’s Futurist’s Dilemma, especially hard to take seriously: “Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable.” Predictions usually are wrong, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. They tell us a lot about the zeitgeist […]