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How to make a GIF (and other essential skills)

January 28, 2017


As we get used to the new normal (i.e. computing and Internet services everywhere) we need to rethink the skills that are important. For educators there’s a renewed focus on teaching STEM subjects, and a new computing syllabus that starts at age 5 (aside: great idea, but only if primary school teachers are computer literate […]

Journalists on the future (or demise?) of news media

January 19, 2016


   Happy prediction season! One of my favourite times of year and, if you’re familiar with Kevin Kelly’s Futurist’s Dilemma, especially hard to take seriously: “Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable.” Predictions usually are wrong, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. They tell us a lot about the zeitgeist […]

The many qualities of content – different ways to measure content marketing

May 15, 2015


Measuring beyond the obvious. Unique and monthly active visitors are the latest metrics to publicly assassinated. A couple of months back, Ev Williams from Medium made a solid case for why it’s a shallow measure of attention and why the team at focus on active time reading. And he’s got a good point. Whether you’re a media […]

Why everyone wants to be famous

December 22, 2011


Living in the age of the “long tail“, blockbuster success is even harder to come by. Which is exactly what makes this article in the Guardian so curious. Following the UK’s riots in August, the newspaper looked at recent survey results from British teenagers. Over 80% of kids wanted to be famous, but only 50% […]

Getting stuck on the web

April 4, 2011


Channel confusion can really get in the way of living. With everyone having their own preferred way of communicating (phone call, email, SMS, twitter), trying to get in touch with someone is often frustrating. Surely the internet wasn’t created to make out lives more confusing?! Even the most basic things, like contacting someone your own […]