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Taking your campaign global: the challenges and quirks of multi-lingual marketing

September 28, 2016


Is the world really getting smaller? Astronomically speaking, no. (TLDR – the Earth is actually gaining mass from solar dust and rising global temperatures). But it definitely feels smaller. We live more international lives. We’re affected by rapid┬áchanges on the other side of the world. And we communicate without borders: email, WhatsApp and Facebook keep […]

Preference vs desire: how do you predict what people want (to read)?

September 24, 2015


If holidays are an exercise in escapism, then reading for pleasure while away is doubly so. It’s an extreme attempt to distance ourselves from everyday┬álife: flying to an exciting destination just to escape all over again through a good book. Irony aside, holidays are when a lot of people buy (and probably also read) books. […]

Googled: what personalised search could mean for the world

April 19, 2011


Over 100 million people have a Gmail account*. A while back I noticed something strange. A colleague and I were searching for tips on SEO techniques on two separate machines, both logged into different Google accounts. We were expecting to enter the same search terms and find identical results. Afterall, we were both in the […]