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On death and design

May 13, 2017


If you’re under 60, reasonably healthy and unencumbered by mental illness you probably don’t think about death much. But it’s inevitable and one of the few things you only get to experience once. That experience matters. How we expire and what we decide before then is important not only to the dying but to the […]

Deep shift – 7 ways the world (and healthcare) is changing

June 30, 2016


In the current climate, it’s hard enough to know what will happen tomorrow, let alone in 10 years time. But by looking at clues – patterns, innovations, and turning points – can help us separate what’s probable from what’s possible. This is exactly what the World Economic Forum has done with their “Deep shift. 21 […]

This week’s sources: on screens and society

February 8, 2016


We’re so busy “doing” that we often don’t think about why or what it means. It’s this contemplation gap makes digital anthropology so important and so fascinating. Digital connection is deeply interwoven into everyday life and unless we work to understand it, we can’t properly grasp the relationships between people, culture and technology. The forces that drive the world today. This […]

Strategies and tactics: how Google and Apple differ

June 5, 2015


Part of the reason why i’m such an a16z fan boy is their ability to explain the ever shifting field of technology. Their latest podcast tackles Google I|O conference and brilliantly breaks down the Apple – Google dynamic and their respective competitive advantages. What exactly did Andreesson Horowitz lot say? Ben Evans pointed out the […]

Quirky: use cases for the Internet of Things

March 3, 2015


A few weeks back, I wrote about why the Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon still waiting to happen. Admittedly I was feeling a bit disillusioned and struggling to see how the grand idea would actually work for people, including myself. Having lamented the lack of inspirational use cases, I’m feeling a bit more […]

How do you teach digital media?

February 17, 2015


Let’s give this some context. I’ve been asked by friends and acquaintances a few times how to become an expert in digital. And every time I question 1) if it’s possible to teach this and 2) if I’m the right person to be giving them advice. Tackling 2) first, some of it comes down to […]

Wanted: transformational use cases for the Internet of Things

February 5, 2015


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a weird way to start the year. Thousands of companies, VCs and journalists stampeding round Vegas in search of the next big thing. Or at least that’s how I imagine it. To my knowledge, no world changing products have been launched there. Very little actual “news” makes […]