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Cannes Creativity Festival by the numbers: what’s hot in 2017

June 17, 2017


You can probably chart the rise and fall of different creative schools of thought through Cannes events. So that’s what I’ve tried to do – digesting the Cannes schedule to get an impression of what’s getting everyone excited and what’s losing its shine. Key topics: Being creative It’s Cannes so we’re all about the creativity […]

Ideas start at home: inspiration from colleagues

April 22, 2016


It’s all to easy to assume that innovation comes from outside. We usually associate originality and disruption with companies like Apple, Uber and AirBnB. But there’s something to be said for the ideas that we develop ourselves and with others in our agency network. Here are three sources of inspiration that are slightly closer to […]

Access, ownership and adoption

May 14, 2014


Change happens both quicker and slower than we imagine. Once upon a time (nine years ago) there was this big new thing everyone was talking about. They said it would change the world. Today we barely question it; it’s just another part of our lives. So it did change the world after all. Right? No […]

Telling better stories with data

January 20, 2014


Sometimes it feels like we live in the age of the infographic. One hundred years from now, when cyber historians look back through the cloud, they will judge us by our addiction to creating colourful image and typography based layouts. I hope it’s just a phase that we’ll grow out of. But before I lay […]

Guessing games

January 30, 2013


We can’t predict the future, but it’s never stopped us trying. Sometimes we even get it right (aside from the bit about jet packs…) A while back, I found out about a thread on Quota inviting us to guess where the internet will be in 10 years. It doesn’t seem like a hugely long period of […]

Finding new angles

December 18, 2012


Looking back at the conference freebies I picked up this year, Adtech 2012 was pretty underwhelming. However, strangely shaped stress-balls aside, I did find some fresh campaigns in the conference magazine: 3x Singaporean organisations have launched “be disloyal” campaigns to tackle chain loyalty cards. Not sure if they reward” converting” others too but could be […]

Interview ping pong: why asking stupid questions at interview might not be such a bad idea

May 4, 2012


Interviews in the creative industry have always been a bit weird (e.g. “What is your idea of a perfect night out?”, “Tell me a joke”, see the IPA website), but now it seems the business world is trying it too. Google’s approach to interviewing was leaked a few months back and it the business world […]