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7 Ideas for running better workshops

October 25, 2015


People running an ideas or planning workshop

Somehow, the end of the year is always saturated with workshops. I’ve been running a few of late, and between the ones that went well (and the sessions that could have been better), I’ve noticed a few patterns. 1. Setting your workshop aims Good workshops do things you couldn’t possibly achieve any other way. Very […]

Four oh four > FT Labs and their 404 split test

September 27, 2015


The FT online 404 page: a funny economics joke?

Split testing humour and utility across 404 pages The clever chaps and dames at the FT have been split testing 404 pages. Not for any direct commercial gain but for the hell if it. But also for the brand. Because, as Craig Sullivan puts it, “web copy is the lens through which people experience the […]

Preference vs desire: how do you predict what people want (to read)?

September 24, 2015


a very beautiful library of books

If holidays are an exercise in escapism, then reading for pleasure while away is doubly so. It’s an extreme attempt to distance ourselves from everyday life: flying to an exciting destination just to escape all over again through a good book. Irony aside, holidays are when a lot of people buy (and probably also read) books. […]

Making learning unstoppable

September 20, 2015


'The Mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited' - Plutarch

Over the past two days, I’ve taken in a shed load of information. It started with two web analytics training courses, then a day long unconference (Measurecamp, if you’re interested) and finished with a 2 hour walk/podcast fest. (I admit that last bit was totally unnecessary.) Now that my mind’s sifting through the mass of […]

Scaling like Spotify: what advertising agencies can learn from software-as-a-service organisations

June 9, 2015


Scaling like Spotify: what advertising agencies can learn from software-as-a-service organisations

January always starts with good intentions. After the Christmas break, my team held an away day to catch up with each other and define our year. Part of the day involved sharing two new ideas. The slides below were one of mine: based on a great overview of how Spotify are using agile and structuring […]

Strategies and tactics: how Google and Apple differ

June 5, 2015


Google and Apple - strategies and tactics for mobile and cloud

Part of the reason why i’m such an a16z fan boy is their ability to explain the ever shifting field of technology. Their latest podcast tackles Google I|O conference and brilliantly breaks down the Apple – Google dynamic and their respective competitive advantages. What exactly did Andreesson Horowitz lot say? Ben Evans pointed out the […]

The many qualities of content – different ways to measure content marketing

May 15, 2015



Measuring beyond the obvious. Unique and monthly active visitors are the latest metrics to publicly assassinated. A couple of months back, Ev Williams from Medium made a solid case for why it’s a shallow measure of attention and why the team at Medium.com focus on active time reading. And he’s got a good point. Whether you’re a media […]


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