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How to be a better strategist – part 2 (what other strategists do)

June 28, 2018


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At the moment I’m deep into how people practice strategy. My last post (How to be better at strategy – strategy for non strategists) suggested a few habits and ways of thinking that can help you evaluate a situation, form a strategy and prioritize. Now I’m making a start on what strategists do that makes […]

How to be a better strategist – part 1 (strategy tips for non-strategists)

June 19, 2018


If anyone ever tells you they’re not creative, they’re either lazy or afraid of failing. It’s true that most of us aren’t paid just to be creative. We’re not all professional artists or writers and most of us don’t have “creative” our job title. But all humans are able to solve problems in new ways; […]

After Facebook, where next

April 27, 2018


“I think it is specifically that a sufficient number of people are waking up to the awfulness of Facebook and looking around for alternatives.” Runesoup Privacy and personal information are pretty abstract concepts. It takes something real and dramatic (like the election of Trump) or a scandal (like Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of user data) and, […]

Sticking with small changes

January 2, 2018


It’s hard to change. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try. I’m taking the start of 2018 as a reason to change. If I can remember to write/type a new date I can probably remember to try and change my behaviour. The plan is to do it in four areas: Write more – in 2017 […]

What I learnt from four days in France: Cannes Lions Awards 2017 wrap up

June 21, 2017


Ever since 2009 I’ve wanted to attend the Cannes Lions awards. At first it was for the film – the cinematography and creativity of ads like the Philips Carousel┬ástunned me. Even today they look fantastic, despite selling legacy products. Creative work like this and pioneering digital campaigns are a big part of what made me […]

Getting ready to geek: preparing for Cannes Lions (#CannesGoals)

June 17, 2017


Industry events have a bad rep. Hour after hour of buzzwords, desensitised by PowerPoint and talking shop with drunk strangers usually results in a nasty hangover.┬áBut there are exceptions, among them the wonderful Playful conference (best described as ‘eclectic’) and the MeasureCamp series. I’d like to group Cannes Lions among this, but never having been […]

Cannes Creativity Festival by the numbers: what’s hot in 2017

June 17, 2017


cannes festival of creativity talks

You can probably chart the rise and fall of different creative schools of thought through Cannes events. So that’s what I’ve tried to do – digesting the Cannes schedule to get an impression of what’s getting everyone excited and what’s losing its shine. Key topics: Being creative It’s Cannes so we’re all about the creativity […]