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This week’s sources: on screens and society

February 8, 2016


screens and society

We’re so busy “doing” that we often don’t think about why or what it means. It’s this contemplation gap makes digital anthropology so important and so fascinating. Digital connection is deeply interwoven into everyday life and unless we work to understand it, we can’t properly grasp the relationships between people, culture and technology. The forces that drive the world today. This […]

Uber + GPs + healthcare on demand

January 28, 2016


The future of healthcare: prevent not treat

A few months back my colleague Duncan Arbour and I had a head to head debate on the future of healthcare. Our thought starter / provocative idea was as follows: Technology and demographic forces have transported us to a crossroads. We imagined two alternative realities: one in which medical advances and mobile technology keep chronic […]

Riding the crest of newness: staying on top of social media

January 26, 2016


Drummond Puddle watch

What a wonderful age we live in, where you can livestream the contents of your fridge, ask live questions to a baby with a moustache, or watch a puddle. Live! 2015 saw the births of Periscope and Meercat live streaming apps. And 300 days after launch Periscope has notched up over 10 million downloads on […]

Journalists on the future (or demise?) of news media

January 19, 2016



   Happy prediction season! One of my favourite times of year and, if you’re familiar with Kevin Kelly’s Futurist’s Dilemma, especially hard to take seriously: “Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable.” Predictions usually are wrong, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. They tell us a lot about the zeitgeist […]

Learning (not being taught) in 2016

January 15, 2016



   One of my New Years (work) resolutions is to share more. With that, I’ve committed to a few things: sharing successes more widely, passing on feedback more often (good and bad), and finally to share expertise. But of the three it’s the last one that I have the most trouble with. Not that I’m […]

7 Ideas for running better workshops

October 25, 2015


People running an ideas or planning workshop

Somehow, the end of the year is always saturated with workshops. I’ve been running a few of late, and between the ones that went well (and the sessions that could have been better), I’ve noticed a few patterns. 1. Setting your workshop aims Good workshops do things you couldn’t possibly achieve any other way. Very […]

Four oh four > FT Labs and their 404 split test

September 27, 2015


The FT online 404 page: a funny economics joke?

Split testing humour and utility across 404 pages The clever chaps and dames at the FT have been split testing 404 pages. Not for any direct commercial gain but for the hell if it. But also for the brand. Because, as Craig Sullivan puts it, “web copy is the lens through which people experience the […]


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