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Preference vs desire: how do you predict what people want (to read)?

September 24, 2015


If holidays are an exercise in escapism, then reading for pleasure while away is doubly so. It’s an extreme attempt to distance ourselves from everyday life: flying to an exciting destination just to escape all over again through a good book. Irony aside, holidays are when a lot of people buy (and probably also read) books. […]

More ‘Nuggets of Enjoyment’

October 29, 2010


After 26 months and 14 days of loyal service, my mobile phone’s died. RIP. But thankfully, this means I’m getting a new one! Unfortunately, I’ve now got to go through the ritual of backing up photos, contacts etc. and ALSO copying out the ridiculous notes I make to myself. Plenty of half-arsed blog material there. […]

Reality Hunger #2

October 25, 2010


David Shields wants more people to write “books for people who find television too slow”. In an age that’s hungry for information, news and reality, traditional novels can’t keep up. I’m not convinced… but I like his angle on the world. What I think: Being a literary professor, Shields’ main interest is Fiction. And being […]